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How to Bind Safely

Understand what binding is.

Know the risks of binding unsafely.

Binding is only safe if you do it right,

Expect to need a little practice.

Remember that nobody has a perfectly flat chest.

Avoid binding with tape or elastic bandages.

A common sight in the media is the transgender boy who has tape or an ACE bandage wrapped around his chest, trying to bind his chest down.

Use the camisole technique.

Use sports bras.

A safe way that discreetly makes your chest appear flatter is wearing sports bras. Buy a bra or two. Try them on

Purchase a binder.

To truly bind your chest safely and properly, you should invest in a proper binder. They are safe and can be bought from the internet

Buy a quality binder of an appropriate size.

You should be able to take a deep breath in your new binder, without discomfort.

You need to protect your health, especially if you want to be able to get top surgery someday. Find ways to

Cough hard every time you put on and take off your binder.

Pneumonia is a health risk of binding, since mucus can build up in your lungs. Coughing loosens the mucus and helps keep you from getting sick. Make sure to take some deep breaths, and cough.__

Be prepared to handle heat.

Take off your binder when possible.

Sleep with your binder off.

Always take off your binder before going to sleep. The pressure of the binder, combined with the pressure of your body against the bed or surface, can increase the risk of complications such as bruised or broken ribs.

Take proper care of your binder or sports bras.

Too much discomfort can be a sign that your binder is too small, or that you need a break from binding. Take off your binder, and consider wearing a larger size in the future, if:

Know when to see a doctor.

Stop binding (or only use a camisole) and contact a doctor if you suspect that something is seriously wrong. Consider going to a hospital if you take off your binder and still are not okay.__

When in doubt, play it safe.

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