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How to Accessorize a Bathroom

The mirror is one of the focal points in a bathroom and a decorative mirror can help add visual interest. Play with shapes like round, square, and oval mirrors to find what fits the best in the space. Keep a consistent shape language throughout your bathroom by not using too many different shapes in your decor.

Find a decorative mirror.

The mirror is one of the focal points in a bathroom and a decorative mirror can help add visual interest. Play with shapes like round, square, and oval mirrors to find what fits the best in the space. Keep a consistent shape language throughout your bathroom by not using too many different shapes in your decor.

Hang a hand towel next to the sink.

Make it easier for you and your guests to find a place to dry their hands. Install a towel ring on the wall next to the sink so water doesn’t drip throughout your whole bathroom.

Use small jars to store Q-tips or cotton balls.

Keep your daily toiletries in containers on your vanity hidden in containers to reduce clutter. This way, they’re easy to access for you and anyone visiting that may need to do a quick touch-up.

Buy ornamental bar soaps to display.

Display soaps that are not meant to be used in a small dish next to the hand soap. Not only does this add fun visuals to your vanity, it also helps your bathroom smell better. Soaps can be purchased at home specialty stores.

Light candles or use potpourri to eliminate odors.

Keep candles or a tray of potpourri either on the vanity or on top of the toilet tank. That way you’re greeted with a fresh scent whenever you enter the bathroom. It also provides ambience and a sense of calm in the room.

Keep small potted plants on your vanity.

Potted plants add a dash of greenery and freshness to your bathroom. Pick a plant like a succulent that doesn’t require a lot of light or water so you have the easiest upkeep.

Put liquid soap in a nice-looking dispenser.

Rather than using the original plastic soap dispensers, purchase a glass or ceramic dispenser for your vanity. Pick a style that matches the rest of the decor in your bathroom. Soap dispensers can be purchased in home decoration or big-box stores.

Hide a tissue box under a tissue cover.

Provide tissues so you and your guests don’t have to tear off toilet paper to blow their nose or fix their makeup. While tissue boxes usually have designs on them, it may not match the style of your bathroom. Place a cover over the tissue box to hide the original cardboard that it came in.

Lay bath mats on the floor to catch any moisture.

Lay mats right outside of the tub and underneath your vanity so water doesn’t get on the floors. Pick up mats that are absorbent and has an anti-slip material so it sticks to the floor.

Purchase matching towels.

Over the years, you may have gathered a large variety of towels that are mismatched. For a clean and cohesive look in your bathroom, purchase a set of towels that are all of the same color and brand.

Keep fresh rolled towels in a basket near the shower.

Rolled towels add a sense of sophistication to your towel display. Keeping a basket large enough to hold 3 or 4 towels next to your bath makes them easy to access for your guest while providing visual interest.

Replace your <a href="/Choose-the-Right-Shower-Curtain-for-Your-Bathroom" title="Choose the Right Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom">shower curtain</a>.

Having a fun shower curtain can help add accent and flare to your bathroom. If you’re following a color-scheme, find a curtain that matches or complements the main colors of the room. Keep a clear plastic curtain inside the tub to avoid getting your new curtain wet.

Avoid using toilet rugs or covers.

Not only do fluffy toilet covers look dated, they also collect germs easily. As an alternative, place a simple bath mat in front of the toilet if needed or leave it without a rug.

Hang artwork on empty walls.

Stick to artwork that is inexpensive since it may be humid in your bathroom. Works on canvas or unframed paintings will not build up moisture since there is no possibility of it getting caught behind glass.

Put up 3D art to avoid the risk of moisture damage.

Sculptural works pop out from the wall and make for a great focal point in your bathroom. Materials such as plaster or metal are not damaged by moisture or humidity. Limit your bathroom to 1 piece of 3D art so it is not visually overwhelming.

Add accents with new paint colors.

If you have extra wall paint laying around, add a new design to the wall to make the room pop. Choose a color that fits into the color scheme of the entire room. Practice designs on a paper before committing them to the wall.

Make a backsplash for your vanity.

Adding a tile backsplash can add a fun accent to the wall. Many backsplashes come in a peel-and-stick package so you can easily mount it to the wall yourself. Find tiles that match the color scheme of your bathroom to put behind your vanity.

Install cabinets or shelves.

Extra shelves and cabinets help organize your bathroom by hiding clutter. Opt for tall corner cabinets for discreet storage spaces to hold towels and additional toiletries without taking up much space.

Use hooks on the back of the door for towels and robes.

Keep your towels and robes out of the way and out of sight behind your door. Different styles of hooks can be drilled into or hung from the door. If you want to keep your door clear, install hooks in the wall directly behind the door.

Hide a medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

Storing pill bottles and small first aid kits in a medicine cabinet help clear off counter space. Find a cabinet with a mirrored door to keep the cabinet subtle. Hang the cabinet above the sink for easy access.

Place wire baskets in the shower to hold soap and shampoo.

Baskets can be attached with suction cups or hang from the shower head. Place the basket in a location that’s easy to reach. Store any bottles and bar soap in the basket to clear out the corners of your tub.

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